Resources from the 2019 Conference

Below you’ll find the resources that were shared by our presenters, and our participants, during the 2019 Acing Educator’s Conference at Tarragon Theatre. Some of these will serve to help you better understand the materials explored in lectures and workshops. Some will be materials you can bring into your own classrooms. And some are simply there to inspire you, or help to refine your understanding of complex topics. If you have a resource you’d like to share, please send it to and it will be added to this page!

Nikki Shaffeeullah - Container Building

This talk, presented by Generator, was mentioned by Ali Joy Richardson during the presentation of the GYB Student Survey data. In it, Nikki Shaffeeullah speaks about structures that inhibit safety in our industry, and about purposeful practices that artistic leaders can employ to shift their work spaces into ones that enable greater safety, accessibility, accountability, and creativity.

Demystifying the Emotional Body

These slides are from the presentation “Demystifying the Emotional Body: Mental Health & Safety in the Actor Training Studio” presented by Tanya Elchuk (and Brad Gibson, in absentia).

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