Join us May 27 & 28 2019 at Tarragon Theatre

Are you an independent acting coach, guest director or acting educator who practices privately or within a post-secondary institution?

On Monday, May 27 & Tuesday, May 28, 2019 at Tarragon Theatre in Toronto, peer-led artist collective Got Your Back is advocating for teachers and students alike by opening conversation and hosting an Acting Educators Conference. This conference offers an opportunity for participants to gain practical skills while actively engaging with and sharing expert, informed, critical insights pertaining to the areas of mental health; diversity and inclusion, anti-oppression; and the creation and maintenance of safe spaces.

Acting education in Canada has evolved; there are now over 45 performance training programs and many independent coaches who teach. Without a national dialogue or association for acting educators, there are few professional development opportunities to update/upgrade teaching skills related to the specific needs of training performers. The majority of performance teachers in Canada are either private coaches or part-time/sessional/guest artists within large institutions and many feel left out of the conversation about acting training in Canada. In the wake of #MeToo and #TimesUp, it's time to come together and speak about our challenges. Got Your Back has recognized a void in this communication and is trying to bridge the gap through a curated selection of panels, workshops, long table discussions, and networking events.

The three areas of focus for the conference are:

  • Harassment, Intimacy, and Consent

  • Student and Teacher Mental Health

  • Anti-Oppression, Diversity, and Inclusion

"Together, we can continue to evolve acting training so that it's more diverse, inclusive and safer for the next generation of artists.

The 2019 Theatre Teacher’s Conference is generously hosted by the Tarragon Theatre.

The 2019 Theatre Teacher’s Conference is generously hosted by the Tarragon Theatre.

Fill out our surveys

Got Your Back has created two surveys to help us come to a deeper understanding of the state of theatre training in Canada, and to help us identify the places change is most needed. You can help by filling out the surveys, or sharing them with your colleagues.

The Student Survey is for anyone who has attended theatre school, no matter where or when, and no matter if you graduated or not. You can fill it out, or share it with this link:

The Teacher’s Survey is for anyone who teaches or has taught in a theatre-training program, as a guest instructor, part-time or full-time faculty member, or in any other capacity. You can fill it out or share it with this link: